Profile of the magazine Technika

In every edition there are regular columns, such as:

· News and interests from the technical world
· Computing and officetechnology
· Consumable electronics and photo
· Informative technology
· Logistics
· Alternative types of energy
· Astronomy
· Automotive
· Financial services

Also included are the information about events, news, interests in industry and economy and inspiring opinions, interviews with managers, presentation of the companies. The readers may gain knowledge and experience not just from the articles, they are interested in, but the magazine has ambitions to acquire the readers to give their opinions, ideas and experiences. In every edition there is space reserved for complete high quality and qualified information tothe professional theme with intention to map the development of specificindustryinpresenttime.
The choice of individual editions are always based on present events and relevant exhibitions and fairs in Slovakia, Czech Republic or other countries.


General information

Editor: TechPark, o. z. Zilina
Load: 15 000 pieces
Volume: VI.
Number of editions yearly: 10
Number of pages: 60 - 100
Format: A4
Colouring: full coloured
Paper: cover lustrously 250 g, inside 115 g art paper
Binding: V2
Price: 3 EUR



40 % to the companies from the TechPark database
20 % pointed distribution according to the agreement with the advertising companies
15 % to the exhibitors of the present exhibitions
10 % to the distribution web Media Print Kapa
10 % to the subscribers of the magazine
5 % other types of distribution


Target group include:

- Managers of the companies and organisations with technical orientation
Industry companies
- Electro technical companies
- Logistical companies
- Computing companies
- Producers of energies and technologies
- Distributors of industry products
- Professionals from technical background
- Representatives from academic background in science, development, education
- Students from technical schools
- Technical libraries
- Other forms of distribution
- In selected stands of the distribution company Media Print Kapa
- In exhibition stand of TechPark